The Fiore Toddler Curriculum (16 mos-3 years)

Practical Life

Practical Life activities encourage the child to take care of the environment with size-appropriate tools. The children care for the outside environment through gardening activities and the inside environment through dusting, mopping, sweeping, and washing dishes. Our Toddlers are also guided to take care of themselves by washing hands, hanging up clothing, managing personal items, and toileting.

Cognitive Skills

The toddler is encouraged to explore books and do various tasks that ultimately increase their ability to concentrate, work independently, and create foundations for learning.

Motor Skills

The toddler is refining both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are heightened through practical life activities like pouring, sorting, dressing and undressing. Gross motor skills are heightened in physical activities like rhythm/music movement and outdoor play.

Language Skills

Language activities are developing at a rapid rate during the toddler years. In out toddler classrooms we talk about everything… texture, names of objects, colors, nature, animals, food, feelings, and so forth. In their sensitive period for language, toddlers are constantly looking for words to label, categorize, and make sense of their world. Sandpaper letters help the children learn the phonetics of the alphabet. Naming cards and matching introduce foundations for using the alphabet and language. Stories, finger play, singing, and spontaneous conversation time encourage both social and language skills.


Grace and Courtesy

Teaching a toddler lessons in grace and courtesy is a big emphasis. Children are not only eager to imitate the adults around them, they gain much independance by learning these skills. The teachers model this behavior metoculously and patiently repeat these lessons with each child in an independant way to help achieve mastery.

Math Skills

The Toddler uses hands-on materials for learning concrete math concepts. The Toddler begins to understand number concepts, both quantity and symbol, and the meaning of zero. The child also begins to understand language used in performing simple single-digit addition.

Sensorial Skills

The Toddler is able to discover and explore the world around them through the child’s five senses.


Toddlers learn about the environment through the use of “trial and error”.


Lessons in geography introduce the concept of a globe and create a framework for whole world to self-world learning.

Art & Music

The Toddler is able to use various materials to express creativity and to enhance fine motor skills. Language skills are further reinforced through the child’s description of the art and its personal meaning. Social skills particular to gift-giving are introduced and coordinated with traditional holidays.