A Love of Learning 

Loving learning and happily pursuing it with hard work becomes a life-long habit for our students – because the effort and sense of success feels so good afterward!

The “Wonder” Approach

Children work in mixed-age groups as if they are in a laboratory, making discoveries with complex, scientifically designed materials. They branch out into areas like history, geography, geometry, arithmetic, botany, zoology, grammar, written expression, report and essay writing, art and music. All of these subjects are presented as an integrated whole rather than separate subject areas so that children become aware of the interconnectedness of everything around them.

Nature Studies

Located just across the street, Meadow Lark Gardens provides our students the wonderful opportunity to explore botany and biology in greater depth. Our own spacious outdoor space not only offers our students with the unique opportunity to investigate nature and planting, care for the environment and harvest plants, fruits and vegetables, but it also serves as the ideal place for ball games and skill drills.

Hands-on Learning

Instead of textbooks and workbooks, the children use reference books, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias and other sources to research relevant topics of interest. Field trips to museums, theaters, monuments and community businesses are typical for a Fiore Elementary student as such trips grant our students the opportunity to expand in-class research with first-hand experiences.

Life Preparation

Homework and tests are not necessary in the early elementary years because the learning the children do in school is already detailed and advanced, and the knowledge- checking process is inherent in the work itself. At Fiore, we make it our goal to focus in helping children develop strong basic skills and become accountable for their accomplishments.

Elementary Classroom

Engaging in Learning. . .   for deeper understanding

Our children don’t just excel at academics much earlier that in a traditional program; they engage in their learning in a way that leads them to a deeper understanding. While they certainly learn the basic “three R’s” (Reading, w-Riting and a-Rithmetic), they also master how to plan, organize and problem-solve, and execute over and over again. With an invisible structure in place to guide them toward accomplishment during this formative stage, many of the children will become leaders in their middle schools, high schools and later in their careers! As they become older, their educational needs also change; the lessons and classroom environment respond to those new needs. Elementary children are able to imagine things they have never seen or experienced before; they want to do “big work” and their thinking becomes more intellectual and abstract. Children ages 6 through 12 years old crave the opportunity to work to together in a goal oriented way and are able to learn from each other when they have been shown how to work purposefully and productively. They become intensely passionate about learning and are eager to know everything!

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