Montessori education

Confidence, Respect and the Joy of Learning

Montessori education is based on heart-felt respect for the "work" of the child to develop into as complete a human being as possible. The Montessori Method is based on decades of careful observations by Dr. Montessori and her meticulous experimentation providing environments and materials to which children were intrinsically drawn.

Fiore Montessori School offers a thoughtful response to the natural unfolding of the development of the child, so that in each case, the child can become as successful and complete as possible.

Our goal for the child is that he development into a self-confident human being who is respectful and caring toward others, enjoys learning above all things, and is full of joy and enthusiasm for life.

Education based upon the Stages of Development

Children within a certain age span have many characteristics in common, so Dr. Montessori created a different learning environments to meet their particular needs. Our program is based on three successive cycles of natural development for children from 16 months through 12 years of age (birth-3, 3-6 and 6-12).


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What Your Child Will Really Get Out of Montessori