Children Bake Breads for the Greater Community

Fiore students bake breads for giving.

Children at Fiore Montessori School contribute hand-made loaves of bread to families in need.

Every day at Fiore Montessori School, little bakers prepare mini-loaves of whole-wheat rustic bread from scratch. As the children arrive at school each morning, invariably one of them will walk over to the food preparation area and then carry a baking tray to a table where he will work on bread-making for the next 30 to 60 minutes or so. Friends will periodically stop by his table to assess the dough’s consistency and see if it’s ready for the oven.

The individualized bread-making process looks different depending on each child’s capability. Some pour pre-measured ingredients into a mixing bowl and then form the dough. Older participants measure their own yeast, water, and flour by following a written recipe before they start kneading. They each know what they’re aiming for and end up with elasticity that will rise to the perfect plumpness for baking into a crusty loaf and sharing a snack with friends at the end of the morning.

During the month of December, though, the children did something very special with their daily loaves of bread. Rather than cutting them into tiny pieces for each other, the children collected the loaves they made, packaged them prettily, and set them aside in the freezer. Elementary students added ribbon and decorative tags to each loaf wishing “happy holidays” to the would-be recipients.

packaged for delivery

The mini-loaves were packaged for delivery with tags reading, “Happy Holidays.”

Then during the school’s Winter Break, Fiore owner and teacher Ms. Sailini, thawed the school’s collection of delicious breads and delivered 43+ loaves made with love to a nearby “Meals on Wheels” organization on behalf of the children. There was one loaf to supplement each healthy meal that would be distributed to a family in need on December 25th.

The children were so happy to share their hard work and favorite snack with the greater northern Virginia community, and we’re thrilled they were able to experience the joy of giving during this festive season.

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  1. What a great idea! It’s terrific to see Fiore and its students having a positive impact on the community.

  2. Thank you for doing this Fiore! What a great way to instill the spirit of the season in the children.

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