Freedom v. “Free-for-all”

Recently Fiore parents participated in hands-on, activity based workshops designed to help them experience the perils of freedom without any structure. Toddler parents discussed that just as limits or rules are necessary in a free society in order for everyone to cohabitate respectfully, some boundaries are necessary for children to be successful in our classroom communities. The order and organization is well planned and always involves setting up the physical space in a […]

Observation Window: First Days of Discovery

Montessori-style Discovery A little boy not quite three years old worked so very hard today building the Pink Tower. Back and forth he patiently crossed the room, gathering his material the way he had been shown. When he had finished carrying each of the ten cubes slowly over to his rug one by one and erecting the tower, he stood very still and very close to it. He didn’t touch […]

Reality Vs Fantasy: Encouraging Real Experiences During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season arrives, the world around us becomes increasingly immersed in a world of fantasy.  Halloween brings scary images to grocery stores, Thanksgiving brings talking and walking turkeys, and the Christmas holiday brings Santa Claus imagery in abundance.  Whether or not a family takes part in these holidays, the imagery is there in the world around us; it cannot be escaped completely.  Even beyond the season, fantastical imagery […]

Managing Interruptions

Children can learn from a very young age how to wait their turn when others are talking.  From a Montessori perspective, this is a lesson of Grace and Courtesy.  In the classroom, we demonstrate to young children that it’s important to wait their turn and let others finish before talking.  We show the child how to signify that they would like to talk without actually interrupting those who are talking. […]

Supporting Social Development in Toddlers

When we discuss the development of children, we must first look at the child’s plane of development. Dr. Montessori coined this phrase when she saw that children of particular ages shared certain focus, direction, and tendencies, emotionally, socially, intellectually and morally.  She observed three major shifts in children’s thinking as they aged and was able to identify three planes of development from birth to adolescence. The First Plane of Development […]

Fiore Conversations: The Child’s Intent

Another wonderful Conversation At Fiore this past Friday brought about a very important concept involved with learning to understand our children’s behaviors: our children’s intent. Often, we see a behavior in our child that we seek to understand or even change.  However, we can only guide a behavior in the appropriate direction when we know why that behavior is occurring.  We must interpret the intentions of our children in order […]

Creating the Montessori Atmosphere

The Montessori environment is unique.  As a parent entering into a Montessori classroom, you have seen this and the atmosphere you have experienced has led you to choose this school for your child.   Witnessing you child’s positive experiences you may wonder how you can support similar experiences in your own home.  The Montessori atmosphere can be created in any home because it is an approach: a foundational set of […]

Montessori Principles for Parents: The Basics

Children Create Themselves: The Absorbent Mind “The child has other powers than ours,  and the creation he achieves is no small one; it is everything.” – Dr. Maria Montessori The child’s mind is a sponge, designed to absorb and process the information around it.  Before the age of three, the child does this without conscious thought, and the method of absorbing and processing information is guided by every experience and […]

Who Was Dr. Montessori Anyway?

Montessori teachers and administrators are often quoting the highly esteemed Dr. Maria Montessori.  You’ll see these same quotes on our blog; they are words from the source.  Montessori educators use Dr. Montessori’s words to explain virtually everything.  If disagreement should arise, we go back to her books and interpret her words.  In Montessori, her words are gospel.  But, to a person who has not studied her methodology and philosophy, or […]

A Happy Child? The Process of Normalization

IS MY CHILD HAPPY AT SCHOOL? This is the question on the mind of most parents, and it is a fair question.  In the school environment the child has experiences that parents are not aware of.  Often, the only information comes from a very young child who is still developing the ability to remember and communicate.  Some children express their happiness in their desire to go to school and that […]