Turnips for Toddler Food Preparation

by Minaxi Punjabi, Toddler Guide Preparing a snack of baked turnips helps toddlers acquire a taste for a variety of flavors and develop nutritious farm-to-table eating habits. On our classroom shelves today, we had boiled turnips, green onions, red sweet peppers, garlic for peeling and chopping, and some olive oil with Braggs amino’s stirred in for basting and some black pepper ground with a hand-grinder. The toddlers came into the classroom and […]

Children Bake Breads for the Greater Community

Every day at Fiore Montessori School, little bakers prepare mini-loaves of whole-wheat rustic bread from scratch. As the children arrive at school each morning, invariably one of them will walk over to the food preparation area and then carry a baking tray to a table where he will work on bread-making for the next 30 to 60 minutes or so. Friends will periodically stop by his table to assess the dough’s […]