Turnips for Toddler Food Preparation

by Minaxi Punjabi, Toddler Guide Preparing a snack of baked turnips helps toddlers acquire a taste for a variety of flavors and develop nutritious farm-to-table eating habits. On our classroom shelves today, we had boiled turnips, green onions, red sweet peppers, garlic for peeling and chopping, and some olive oil with Braggs amino’s stirred in for basting and some black pepper ground with a hand-grinder. The toddlers came into the classroom and […]

How to Avoid Using Food As Reward or Punishment

Promising or withholding dessert is not an uncommon parenting technique, and while it has the likelihood to work in the immediate circumstances, it will also likely send a long-term detrimental message to your child. First, let’s look at “bribing” children for behavior in general (giving them something for doing something).  When children are rewarded extrinsically for good behavior, they learn to expect rewards for that good behavior.  In other words, […]

Designing Healthy Lunches

A well-balanced meal can mean a well-balanced day.  Food is not only connected to health but behavior as well.  Studies have found that foods with artificial dyes, artificial flavors, and preservatives (esp. sodium benzoate) can trigger hyperactivity in children, which can lead to a multitude of behavioral problems.  Studies have also found that processed sugars can decrease children’s activity levels, making them tired by throwing off glucose levels.  Lunch is […]