Freedom v. “Free-for-all”

Recently Fiore parents participated in hands-on, activity based workshops designed to help them experience the perils of freedom without any structure. Toddler parents discussed that just as limits or rules are necessary in a free society in order for everyone to cohabitate respectfully, some boundaries are necessary for children to be successful in our classroom communities. The order and organization is well planned and always involves setting up the physical space in a […]

Fiore Conversations: Role-Playing To Resolve Frustrations

Another wonderful session (about separation anxiety and the secret of childhood) led us to the helpful idea of role-play.  As we discussed in last week’s session, children often have a hard time communicating what they are experiencing.  Communication can be a challenge and create a puzzle to understanding exactly what may be upsetting a child.  How we approach the child and the questions we use can also affect our ability […]

Fiore Conversations: Language Development Affects Communication

Our first Conversation at Fiore went wonderfully!  We attempted to video tape it so that we could share the video with you all, but unfortunately it did not work this week (user error!).  Next week, we will certainly work towards taping the session. During the session, we discussed many of the topics that we have been blogging over the past week including: the secret of childhood, coping with separation anxiety, […]