7 Reasons We Are Choosing Fiore Montessori Next Year​​

by Montessori Parent, Charlotte Brock When we started at Fiore, the school was only in its second or third year, but I was immediately impressed by the adherence to Maria Montessori’s standards and vision, the beautiful spaces both inside and outside the building, and the staff’s professionalism and care for the children. Fast‐forward three and a half years—Fiore has become AMI accredited (the most rigorous Montessori certification, recognized by the […]

Parents Simulate the Magic of Montessori

Every year, Fiore parents have the opportunity to participate in a “journey” through the Toddler, Primary and Elementary levels of our Montessori program to help them better understand how teachers balance giving lessons and offering free choice within a classroom full of mixed ages, different abilities, and many opportunities to “do things.” Our two-part event culminates with a morning of hands-on “discovery” using materials that triggered parent interest the night before. At the end of the “Journey and Discovery” event, we often hear comments from […]