Singing for Peace

Thursday was International Peace Day, and our primary and elementary children knew it as they sang to their heart’s content on and off during the morning. Even some of our toddlers hummed the tune here and there that they had subconsciously picked up from hearing their older friends in the hallways. Enjoy this sweet video montage from our classroom communities:    

Earth Day Family Planting

Fiore is Italian for “blossom,” and recently the Fiore Montessori School community in Vienna, Virginia, began an annual tradition of celebrating the blossoms and fruits of the earth with a Family Planting Day event in commemoration of Earth Day, April 22nd. Parents, children, faculty and staff joined together for a morning of planting in prepared garden beds all around the campus. Weeks beforehand, the primary and elementary classes nurtured seeds — […]

Old Typewriter Prompts Written Language Work

by Rachel Larson, Montessori Elementary Guide There is some art that never dies. There are some old fashioned ways of doing things that never quite go out of style. The typewriter has always been a mysterious and enticing object to me, and after I purchased one, I decided to put it in my classroom. At first, I just thought it would be a lovely piece to add to the ambiance […]

Turnips for Toddler Food Preparation

by Minaxi Punjabi, Toddler Guide Preparing a snack of baked turnips helps toddlers acquire a taste for a variety of flavors and develop nutritious farm-to-table eating habits. On our classroom shelves today, we had boiled turnips, green onions, red sweet peppers, garlic for peeling and chopping, and some olive oil with Braggs amino’s stirred in for basting and some black pepper ground with a hand-grinder. The toddlers came into the classroom and […]

Big Work Leads to Big Ideas

  by Rachel Larson, Elementary Montessori Guide Right away when you start working with children in those first elementary years who have so much energy and purpose within their small bodies,  you realize that no room could ever contain them. Like animals in a cage they will burst forth when you swing open the gate — and so, we often leave “the gate” open for their big work and big […]

Children Bake Breads for the Greater Community

Every day at Fiore Montessori School, little bakers prepare mini-loaves of whole-wheat rustic bread from scratch. As the children arrive at school each morning, invariably one of them will walk over to the food preparation area and then carry a baking tray to a table where he will work on bread-making for the next 30 to 60 minutes or so. Friends will periodically stop by his table to assess the dough’s […]

Kindergarten: The Misunderstood Milestone

What is it about life’s milestones that they always propel us to want to reach the next one, rather than enjoying what we are currently experiencing? I can remember the excitement of kindergarten as a child — anticipating going to school with neighborhood kids, riding the bus, excited to learn to write my long name and get all the “L’s” in the proper order. I remember having thoughts of reading […]

Singing and Music in Elementary

by Rachel Larson, Elementary Guide It’s almost time for the elementary children to go play outside. They are finishing up the work cycle and glancing at the clock now. The excitement to play out in the autumn air is palpable. I ring the bell and the children understand that it is time to clean up their work. They put everything away and then all sit on the rug to wait. I sit down with […]

Freedom v. “Free-for-all”

Recently Fiore parents participated in hands-on, activity based workshops designed to help them experience the perils of freedom without any structure. Toddler parents discussed that just as limits or rules are necessary in a free society in order for everyone to cohabitate respectfully, some boundaries are necessary for children to be successful in our classroom communities. The order and organization is well planned and always involves setting up the physical space in a […]

Observation Window: First Days of Discovery

Montessori-style Discovery A little boy not quite three years old worked so very hard today building the Pink Tower. Back and forth he patiently crossed the room, gathering his material the way he had been shown. When he had finished carrying each of the ten cubes slowly over to his rug one by one and erecting the tower, he stood very still and very close to it. He didn’t touch […]