Meet Our Exceptional and Caring Staff!

Fiore Montessori School attracts dedicated, highly-qualified faculty and staff. Each Montessori Guide (or teacher) has earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as a graduate level diploma from the Association Montessori International (AMI) for the age level she teaches. In many cases, the Guides also possess a Master’s degree. The AMI training program is a rigorous study of child psychology and development as well as the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy.

Our classroom assistants and support staff are well-educated with passionate interests.  Each member of our team shares a love of children and desire to assist young people so that they develop to their full potential. We maintain regular, in-house staff to assist in our classrooms in the case of an absences so that the children experience seamless consistency from day to day.

Administrative Team

Founder & Head of School: Sandeep Lohia, B.Engineering., B.S., M.B.A.

Director of Operations & Development: Michele Hutchinson, B.A., M.A.L.A., Montessori Diplomas (toddler, primary & elementary)

Elementary Team

“Sunflower” Community: Rachel Larson, B.A., M. Ed., Montessori Diploma (elementary), Marla Maca, A.A., Bilingual in Spanish

Children’s House (Primary) Teams 

“Tulip” Children’s House: Sailini Magapu-Lohia, B.S., M.B.A., Montessori Diploma (primary); Lizette Calaro, Bilingual in Spanish

“Lotus” Children’s House: Sandra Caraballo, B.S., M.Ed, Montessori Diploma (primary), Bilingual in Spanish; A. Viviana Rubiano, A.A.S., Bilingual in Spanish

“My Home” Children’s House: Sarah Bouwkamp, B.F.A., M.Ed., Montessori Diploma (primary), Rebecca Pollock, B.S., M.Ed, Montessori Diploma (primary)

Toddler Community Team

Toddler Community: Minaxi Punjabi, Diploma in Technology, Montessori Diplomas (toddler, primary/expected), Swati Krishnamoorthy, Liliana Rocha, Bilingual in Spanish, Ruth Vilchez, A.A. in progress, Bilingual in Spanish


School Support Staff

Office & Facility Coordinator: Josselyn Ayala, A.A. in progress, Bilingual in Spanish

Floating Support Staff: Genodra Jackson, B.A., M.A.