Enrollment for the 2018-19 year is underway. Programs are available for children between 16 months and 6 years, in morning, full-day and extended-day formats. See Our Programs for more details. To schedule a tour please contact us via website or call 703-319-2069.

Enrollment occurs round the year, as children move from one program to next based on developmental goals, rather than calendar dates. Majority of new students join in Fall and January, though mid year enrollments also occur based on availability.

Admissions Process

1. Register for a Prospective Parent Tour. Tours are generally scheduled weekly and are the first step in our admission process.

2. Submit a completed application form along with the $99 non-refundable application fee. (Please note: Applications are accepted throughout the year and are considered in the order they are received.)

3. We will contact you to schedule a classroom observation and a discussion with our Administrator in order to be sure you questions are answered and to find out more about your child.

4. We will also contact you to schedule a Child Visit with a teacher. The visit will help us determine placement for your child and will also help your child transition smoothly to school.

5. You will receive a determination as to whether Fiore seems to be a good match for your child, as well as your child’s transition start dates, if so. In some cases, a child may be placed on a waiting list for if space is not available at the time of enrollment. (Please note: Offers of admission are determined by several factors, including the child’s readiness for a particular level, the balance of ages/gender within the classes, as well as the needs of the students already in the class. We give precedence to siblings, former Montessori students, and families intending to stay at Fiore long-term.)

5. Upon execution of our Enrollment Agreement along with payment of the $500 deposit you will be able to hold a spot for your child. (Note that before your child attends school, health and administrative forms must also be completed by you and your physician.)