A Lifelong Love of Learning

Welcome to Fiore Montessori School where academics come alive, boundaries to success and progress are lifted and children love to learn! Montessori education at Fiore focuses on giving your child a safe and calming environment, sound role models, free access to the natural world and a wide variety of scientifically developed materials. Students develop at an individual pace that fits each child’s own strengths, challenges and interests, while interacting with children both younger and older. Our programs meet the needs of children in each three-year developmental period, and guide each individual child in all areas of growth: academic, emotional, physical and social.

We invite you to explore and get to know Fiore!

The Fiore Montessori campus has been meticulously designed to be an environment that fosters learning and progress towards independence. Beautiful, well-organized classrooms complement large, open and well designed natural environments where children can explore and develop their personalities to build strong foundations for success and happiness in life.

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Fiore Montessori School